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People Watching (Argyle Street)

  • People Watching (Argyle Street)
  • People Watching (Argyle Street)

Limited edition 8 colour silkscreen print on 250gsm buff somerset paper.

This print is one of two which have been made for specifically for the exhibition Story Tellers, held at The Glue Factory, Glasgow in July 2022. The inaugural exhibition aimed to highlight the vibrancy and diversity of Glasgow's Art & Street Culture scenes. It was a challenge to not just work at a much larger scale that I would normally do, but to also explore a new theme through considering street life and urban culture.
For me the things that spring to mind, after the built environment, are crowds. I spend countless hours people watching from windows, buses, or walking down the street and there's something incredibly comforting about crowds. People talk about safety in numbers, but crowds also demonstrate unity between strangers, being able to slip into anonymity whilst out in public, and a collective conscience.

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Image size: 40 x 65cm
Paper size: 56 x 76cm
Edition of 5

All prints are individually signed and numbered and hand pulled by the artist.

Please note as this print is hand printed some small variants may occur. I cannot guarantee the print you'll receive is the same as pictured.